Because I like it and it truly makes me happy. That is my response to the question why I do this. Many people seem to be surprised; there must be a reason like a study, project, hidden camera or anything else. I think it’s funny that I should need another reason; to really like something and become even more happy is in my opinion the best reason to do something.

collage-1465476674339For a while I was already focusing my life on things that really matter and make me truly happy. The “Why?” phase of my son opened up my eyes even more. Why does a 3-year old want something? Because he likes is. Of course he will not always get what he wants, but the reason why makes sense. His Why questions extended and he started asking why grown-ups wanted or did something. I was surprised by the answer “Because you have to”. Wow, that was a revelation! Ever since my life got even better by  removing  things that are not so necessary at all, thereby creating space and time for things that are actually fun.

So one night, when I lay in bed and thought about connecting through eyecontact, the thought made me so happy that I knew for sure; I will do this, just because I like it (here you can find the short history of how it all  started). By now “liking” has grown into loving. Why?

Why I love Two minute connection

I genuinely like it to be connected with people, to open up my heart for them. It truly makes me happy. The technique of two minutes eye contact allows me to intensely connect with someone, much more intense that a two minute conversation would do. I feel happiness, I love the person opposite me and it is great to meet so many beautiful people.

Do you know how easy it is to think the other person is special and to lover that person? Really, really easy. Especially because I do not know anything about the other person, my mind cannot judge about anything at all. Besides, neither I, nor the other person have obligations towards eachother, which can also not bother my mind. All I see is someone who is willing to be connected. How special and loving is that?! With every connection my heart dances.

Connection in the world

I also do believe that nowadays the world needs connection more than ever. Unfortunately there are a couple of idiots that are capable of scaring the whole world. It is craziness, that so few can cause millions to distrust each other. I don’t want that. I cannot change those fools, but I can act and show that I experience the world differently. A better world, where people are connected without prejudgments.collage-1465911252214

Up front I could not have made it up, but I find it really cool that so far I have already been able to connect with such a diversity of people; people of all ages; men and women; black, dark and everything in between; Atheists, Muslims, Christians and many more religions; black, brown, green, grey, blue eyes, etc. It confirms my idea of a better world; in every layer, from every background there are people willing to be connected.

If I do hope to achieve something, it would be to spread the vision of a world with connection; that people put aside their fear in order to open up their hearts for connection with others, as well acquaintances as strangers.

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