How it all started

On June 1st 2016 I wrote a blog for work about making connection. In this post I wrote about the ancient technique to have eye contact for two minutes. I had known that technique for years and I always considered it as something special. The next day I lay in bed at night and thought: “why do I tell people that they have to do something with this technique? I will do it myself!” The idea started jumping through my head, my whole body and the name Two minute connection was born. Well, at least, the Dutch version.. (Twee minuten verbinding)

As I couldn’t sleep at all, I immediately created a facebook and twitter account. Quite a start, as I did not have any plan yet, except for the idea that the next day I would go to a station and sit down with the sign “May I look into your eyes? – Two minute connection”. At least, if I would still dare to do that the next day. The next morning while eating my breakfast I created an Instagram account for the first time in my life and wrote the text on a big piece of paper.

Then I still had to take one big step.. actually going to Utrecht Central Station… An hour later I was still at home, busy gathering courage. Again an hour later I was not much further and I told myself the motto that helped me through multiple situations in the last few years “What is the worst that can happen?”

  • Fear: That I am the only idiot who wants to connect by having to minutes of eye contact
    Response; That would mean I would sit there for a while for nothing. Too bad, but would it do me any harm? Not really.
  • Fear: The police will send me away
    Response: I can go outside and sit at one of the main squares which are public area.
  • Fear: Many people will look at me.
    Response: Yes, that is quite something. Putting the focus on me in such way is really not my cup of tea. I really want to do this, but this scares me, truly scares me. You know, I can always go home. So I will do it, I will do it!

So I quickly got my bag, paper and off I went, before i could change my mind. On my way to Utrecht Central Station I held the sign closely to myself, not ready yet to answer any questions. Once at the station, I first went to the Action to buy an egg-timer and then I really sat down, in the main hall on the bench between track 7 and 8.

It was a day I will never forget. After a couple of minutes the first person sat down next to me, we turned towards each other and got connected. Much more people followed that day, really much more. It was awesome to do this, to be so intensely connected, to experience a unique connection with every single person. Only when I got home, I released all tension. It had been so exciting, overwhelming and amazing. I still did not have a bigger plan yet, but I knew for sure I would do this more often. Just because it was so special.

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