Yesterday evening I was resizing the pictures of that day to ensure only the eyes would be shown, as promised. It was only then when I noticed that, due to the light at the station, it is possible to see a reflection of me in many of the eyes. That matches well with one of the theories about eye contact; that someone else’s eyes are the mirror of your soul.

IMG_20160822_145854Of course there are many more theories about eye contact and/or connection. Which theory is right or wrong? I don’t have a clue and it just depends how you apply them. To me theories are nice concepts. Often people ask me how and why Two minute connection works; what makes it so special and why every connection is unique. Theories are helping me to explain a very special feeling in a logical way. So hereby some logic..

About the mirror of the soul; First of all your eyes are a reflection of what is going on in your heart and soul, more than any other part of your body. Your eyes express emotion, wrinkles when you smile, tears when touched, a blank stare when your thoughts are elsewhere and a sparkle while dreaming.

The theory is also about what happens when you have eye contact with another person. At the moment that you really look into someone’s eyes, your soul finds recognition in the other persons soul. Everything you find so special about the other person, is a reflection of your own character. So if you feel lots of warmth, love and peace? You can only see and recognize it, because you have it too. The same applies to aggression. Ever looked into the eyes of someone with really bad intentions? It often scares us, of course because of the threat, but also because we recognize a part of ourselves that we rather hide.

IMG_20160822_145704Gratefully I have not had any issues with Two minute connection. People who join me, have a beautiful intention to make connection, out of curiosity, interest or universal love. If you link those connections to the theory above, it makes sense that every connection feels different. With every person my soul recognizes a different aspect of itself. Even if this theory would not be right, I do see so much beauty in the eyes of all those people. They’re not the emotions of that day, but a deeper layer behind it; the incredibly beautiful and loving person they are deep inside.

Thank you so much again for the beautiful connections yesterday.

Lots of love, Marjolein

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