“The human connection in the Netherlands is lost”. More than five people told me so yesterday. One of them was a woman who had spent the last few months in Greece, where she had a heavy and beautiful time while supporting refugees. How can there be more connection in such a place while we have everything here? It reminded me of a story of my grandmother.

img_20160922_183848During World War II supplies fell short and the whole situation became more threatening every day. People found each other; in the resistance, because of ideology, humanity or practical reasons. They needed each other. With the liberation, people embraced each other and pledged they would always continue to help one another. Within two months, when supplies arrived in the Netherlands, hardly anything was left of these ideals. People did no longer needed the others to survive, the money from our allied friends was enough. They grabbed, were afraid others would get more than them and they stopped caring for each other.

The fear others will get more and you’ll end up with nothing is so deep. Kind of weird. In times of need, people will of course try to gain enough for themselves as they have to survive. Still they were willing to help each other. With the arrival of wealth, the real poverty emerged; fear and distrust. It kind of makes sense if you look at it from a global perspective, where the richest family on earth has so much wealth they could give every person on earth 70 million. In dollars that is, but still…

So there is no equality in the world. And I could spend days writing about those kind of practices. But I cannot change what other people do. That the richest family decides to let millions of people live in poverty and abandon the refugees, that I cannot change. That many people in the Netherlands apparently do not connect, I cannot change that either. All I can do is choosing what I do and I choose to connect. With the loving and amazing people around me, by Two minute connection and also by Lekker Los.

dsc_0128While doing so, I connect with beautiful people. Like that woman yesterday, who helped refugees for months. She did not wait for others to create a better world, she just did it by herself. Just like the other people that I was allowed to look into the eyes yesterday; they all made a better world. Maybe by mentioning that the human connection in the Netherlands is gone, but also by changing it at the same time for at least two minutes and making that connection.

Thank you so much for the beautiful connections.

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