Autumn break, that means there are quite a few people at the train station who will not be there during a regular working day, including many children. The genuine curiosity, open mind and look from children is amazing. And the intensity of how they connect, is something we can learn from as adults!

As adults we have multiple thoughts in the back of our mind, while children are fully focused on the other person. Two minutes can therefore be way too much for them, twenty seconds is often enough. But does time matters? Not at all, it is all about the connection and with children the connection is really strong.

dsc_0261The simple explanation that I often give children about what I do and why it is more intense for them;
me “Do you know the crazy part? You can do this so much better than your father, mother of any other grown-up”
child “Really? Why?”
me “If you are playing with one of your friends, you often do not hear that your mum or dad is saying something to you, right?”
child “Yes!” both parents and child nod heavily as confirmation
me “That’s because you are completely occupied with playing and your friend. Adults have stopped doing so. If they are out with a friend, they still think about a hundred other things.”
When I mention this, children look really surprised at me, like I’ve gone mental. This is really beyond their imagination.
“Because you are a child, you do truly connect with other people, that is the only thing you do at that particular moment. Grown-ups often forget it and that’s why I am sitting here with this sign. We, as grown-ups, can really learn a lot from you.”

That’s the moment when children continue their way, shining even more than they already did. That they can do something much better than their mum, dad and other grown-ups, is the best news they could get.

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