For my son

One of the key reasons to start and continue Two minute connection is my son. He is four years old. My wish for him is to grow up in a world where adults are just as open and curious about the whole world like a young child. The trouble with a four year old is, that they hardly learn from what you tell them. My son learns a lot from what I do and by copying my behaviour. I can seriously grumble about the abuses that are happening worldwide. This way my son will also learn to become a professional grumbler.

mooisteFor example; every year the budget spent on weapons and war is seven times higher than the amount needed to feed the world population. Seven times! If the military budget for 2017 would not be spent on war, everyone would have enough food until the end of 2023. Do you really think the average person would carry weapons when his family is well fed and lives peacefully with his neighbours?

Grumbling and protesting every now and then isn’t that bad, especially when it is about politics. But when I read the outcome of the American elections on November 9, surprisingly enough the opposite happened. I did not grumble. Instead it contributed to my motivation to continue with Two minute connection and I wrote the following on my personal fb page; Maybe Trump’s victory is the best that could happen to us. Once we stop relying on world leaders, we will realise that we have to do it ourselves. I commit to take ownership for a better world, every single day.

Since that day I write a daily message with my contribution to a better world. I had to remove a personal blockage, as it feels like boasting. Still I find it important to share; I honestly believe so many beautiful things are happening in the world, many of them being invisible. They are just as hidden as the need for connection. Once we will realise the world is truly beautiful and we genuinely open up for the people around us, we will no longer depend on world leaders. Millions of people no longer have to live in fear, just because some dozen world leaders are spending enormous amounts on weapons. Simply no one will be willing to use them anymore.

clipboard12This might sound idealistic and that is exactly the effect words have; it sounds great, but what can you buy with words? Eventually adults are not that different than a four year old. We also still learn by doing. That is why I was again at the station with my sign today, for two good reasons; for my son, because if I have a wish for a better world, I will live it myself instead of waiting for others to create it for me. And to give everyone the opportunity to experience that connection matters, that they matter and make them feel they are worth it to be seen.

Thank you so much for the beautiful connections today.

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