Thankful, I am genuinely thankful for the beautiful experiences people share with me. How the connection has brightened up their day, how it brought them peace or calmed them down, that it touched them, how much love they felt, how the connection even caused that they could afterwards open up more for connection with others.

clipboard06Everything that’s given to me, I do cherish it all; the smiles, encouraging winks, thumbs-up and of course the connections. That I am allowed to connect with so many people feels like a gift. It is really special to me that all these people are willing to open up. The gestures, I cherish them too; a currant bun, a piece of cake, flowers, cups of tea.

Every connection, every conversation, every person is unique and that makes it unpredictable how a day at the station will evolve. Like the movie which I posted yesterday in which I connected with the woman who will live for a week at Utrecht Central station.
And this happened to me on Saturday; Do you know those enormous tv-screens at Utrecht Central? Some producers were creating new movies. And I was asked whether I was willing to have a cup of tea with three more people. My sign was also filmed! So in a few weeks time you might be able to see an enormous question whether I might look into your eyes.

clipboard12Of course these are surprising situations that happen at the station, but above all I cherish the connections. And the mails I received last week have moved me; “Something like this is so special”. “I look forward to do it again, it was a very relaxing experience”, “A month ago I looked into your eyes. It really impressed me”, “I can still not believe that I couldn’t stop watching.. even though I was already familiar with this eye connection method”, “very loving and peaceful moment”.

Thank you the connections, I cherish them in my heart.

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