Within three seconds he rolled off the bench laughing and kept on laughing while he was laying on the floor. Absolutely brilliant! I do not know many people who can laugh so loud and intensely.

Thank you so much dear sir, for the very nice card, you could not have picked a better day to give me some support.

clipboard02A young woman sat down to connect with a lot of enthusiasm and at the same time found it difficult to keep eye contact for two minutes. To me that is not an issue at all! My goal is to make connections, to make sure strangers open up to each other. And that’s exactly what this young lady was doing; despite the fact that she found it difficult, she did drop her barriers and connected.

A train driver who was about to travel to the North, on his way to even lower temperatures. Before he had to leave, he took time to connect, with a sparkle in his eyes.

Just a few of yesterday’s beautiful connections. All of them were amazing, each in their own and unique way.


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