A good start

Hello miss with the smiling eyes, who immediately stood still when I had just settled down with my sign. You had to continue your way as your two young kids walked further, but it was such a nice beginning. The start of a bunch of special and diverse connections.

clipboard04An enthusiastic young man who had been partying in Amsterdam and really wanted to experience the Two minutes. Something happened that occurred before with people who had a short night; his eyes might have been tired, but he easily jumped into a deep connection. His friend, who was also tired after a short night, said at first that he didn’t dare to connect, but still did it and connected intensely as well. Maybe the brain is finally shutting up when you’re tired and can therefore not think of any rationale obligations, which makes that you can open up more easily.

Such a beautiful and strong woman started a conversation with me. She turned out to be pastor for a church in Rotterdam. Full of love, straight from her heart she was talking with me, without judgements, with joy and good intentions. The conversation made me really happy.

clipboard03A sparkling 6-year old girl stood really close to me for the connection. Luckily young children haven’t heard yet about social distance, they just listen to their own feeling. Thank you young lady, that you came standing so close, full of trust.

“Does that offer still applies?” a man asked me, pointing at my sign, while I was already on my way to the buss with a bag of chili cheese nuggets. Of course. So we walked back to one of the benches. He really had to get back on his feet after the two minutes of eye contact. Special.

There were just to many great connections today and I cannot write about them all, so just a big thank you to you all. I already live a happy life and the connections today made my life even better.

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