Connections in 2017

The final day of 2016 was a beautiful one. During the day I was sitting at Utrecht Central Station for Two minute connection. Due to the freezing cold I couldn’t keep up for more than an hour, but still.. one hour full of connection! My wish for everyone is to have something that is so heartwearming, every single day.

clipboard23Eventually I closed down the old year with many more beautiful connections when I was for Two minute connection at the Nataraj new year’s party. I had almost forgotten how to kick off a new year, due to the other flow I was in. Luckily there was the man with whom I had shared the final Two minute connection of 2016; with a big smile he pulled me on the dance floor and that’s how 2017 started cheerfully. Followed by more sparkling Two minute connections, the first ones of 2017.

Last week no Two minute connections for me, I was enjoying a lovely holiday with my son. An amazing connection, to be able to spend this much time with him. Today he is enjoying his final day off, still I can sit down and write, as he is busy. Like a real knight (him) is supposed to, he is currently saving a princess (the girl next door) who is locked up in a tower (the bunk bed).

What will happen in this new year? I have no idea, because fixed plans are not my cup of tea. What I do know is that my days will be filled with connection, love, light and beautiful things. And maybe our paths will cross, that might even happen in the coming week. For a Two minute connection or another lovely moment.

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