A new start

A new start, that’s how it felt when I was on my way to Utrecht Central station today. After all, I had enjoyed eight days of holiday and this was the first time in the new year that I was about to sit down on my favourite bench in the station hall above track 8. My “new year’s” resolutions? To use even more opportunities to connect and to write even more from my heart. That feels vulnerable, but here it goes..

clipboard02Therefore I will start answering a question that I’m frequently being asked; why do I do this and what’s in it for me. First of all I just love it to be connected and believe connection is really important too. But what does it mean to me to have a Two minute connection with someone? To me it is the most loving thing I can do; for Two minutes I can and am allowed to love the person opposite me. To open my heart for everyone. And at the moments I am not in a direct connection with anyone, shining my love and light through the station hall, turning frowns into smiles and planting seeds for a better and more beautiful world.

Do I get anything in return? Yes, a whole lot. Experiencing so much love that flows through me is a reward in itself, one beyond measurement. On top of that I receive the curiosity, the openness and/or the love from the other person for two minutes. Unconditional. As we do not have any obligations towards each other. Free to sparkle, free to be connected. To see each other as we are. Intensely enjoying magnificent people, over and over again.

clipboard06Since I started with Two minute connection, over half a year ago, it is pure love that I feel. To write it down so explicitly feels a bit awkward and vulnerable. Which is also a reason why today feels as a new start. A next step on my path, of which I am still unsure where it will lead to. But what I do know is what my path brought me today; intense, wonderful and loving connections.
Thank you so much.

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