“I am great”

“Don’t let anyone put you down” How much I would have loved to say these words to a woman after a Two minute connection, but I was not sure if it was appropriate. In the end, I only knew her for two minutes and what do I know about her life? But still, I feel like she needs it and hope she will read these words; we connected last Monday, January 9.

clipboard07More and more often, a message is coming from my heart during a connection. It doesn’t always have to be something tough, it can also be as cheerful as “Wow, you’re such a loving person.”. Though many times I get the feeling I am allowed to see what a wonderful person is sitting in front of me, whereas he or she does not fully realizes that. At such a moment I wish that the person could see him/herself through my eyes.

Like the young man on Monday, who asked me after the connection what my feeling was. If someone asks, I do feel free to speak up. “Be as kind and loving to yourself as you are to others” was my message to him. How come so many of us are showing more loving to others than to ourselves?
If a friend is in trouble, you embrace your friend and tell him/her it will be okay. But if you end up in trouble yourself you often refer to yourself as “Fool, how could you create such a mess”. Many holy scripts say “Love your neighbor as yourself”, but for many people it wouldn’t hurt to turn it around. Be as kind and gentle and show as much love to yourself as you are showing to your best friend.

Loving yourself is not the easiest thing to do. Especially in the Netherlands, where we have a Calvinistic approach on life and are raised to “act normal, that’s already strange enough”, to not show off our successes and to be modest. So admitting to yourself that you are the greatest, a wonderful and amazing person is something we do not often do. What a difference with the lesson a father in the USA is teaching his little daughter in this video “I am not better than anyone and nobody’s better than me. I am amazing. I am great”. To a Dutch person this might sound quite exaggerated at first. Just give it a thought, is there anything the girl learns about herself that is not true? And if it’s true for her, why wouldn’t it be true for you?

You might not have someone standing next to you every morning like this girl has. No worries, all you need is 2 minutes out of the 1440 that are available to you every single day and a mirror to look into. You don’t even need to say a thing. Just look into your own eyes; not while you’re doing your hair or brushing your teeth, but as focused as you would look into my eyes; you deserve those two minutes of attention. Take a good look, take a deep breath, look into your left eye, look into your right eye and see; see what a wonderful and loving person you are. You are great.

Are two minutes too much to start with? You can start with as little as 10 seconds, just what’s comfortable for you. Still too hard to focus on you? Just think about someone that you truly love; your child, your cat, your mum, anyone. See the look in your eyes, how much love you feel; how much love there is within you for the other person. That’s right, there is so much love in you. You are a loving person. Enjoy.

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