Freedom and connection

Tomorrow, May 5th, is the Dutch independence day. Freedom and connection, how are those two linked? From a practical perspective; at the liberation festival in Zwolle I will be present with Two minute connection; between 11 and 6pm at the festival boulevard (Wethouder Alferinkweg) and at 19.20 at the main stage for a special connection.

From a philosophical perspective you can wonder whether every form of connection is a limitation of freedom. Some examples are obvious like force or detention. Still, from a theoretical point of view a connection like a friendship or relationship can also be considered as some kind of limitation; as soon as you make agreements, you will no longer be free to do whatever you want. Getting connected with a random stranger can therefore be more free than a connection with someone you know; after all, you do not have any obligations towards each other.

Are we actually truly free in the Netherlands? We have an enormous amount of rules and habits. We tend to avoid certain groups of youngsters and at the liberation festivals it is prohibited to climb over fences. Whereas nothing bad would happen if someone climbs the fences just because he likes climbing fences so much. We assume the worst intentions, create rules to avoid such situations and put those limitations on all people because we do not have faith it will turn out all right without those rules.

That’s also how many people deal with strangers who are approaching us, we often avoid them because we assume the worst; experience has taught us that strangers could try to connect because they need something from us, like attention or money; someone tries to sell something or immediately wants more from us. That’s why we have the habit to have reserves towards strangers and even avoid them, whereas most strangers do not have bad intentions at all.

Tomorrow I hope to inspire people; I hope they will see that connection with a random stranger can be really easy and free. There are no obligations, no strings attached. At any moment anyone is free to start, stop or continue a connection. Just because the other person and I feel like doing so at that very moment and we’ll both have faith it will be good.
That is all you need to be connected and free.

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