May 5th – the connections

The man who let his sister sit down to connect. Of course there are frequently people who say to others that they should sit down, but won’t do it themselves. Even though I understand they might find it scary, I sometimes think it is a bit dull. Until that man and I had a moment of eye contact afterwards and I could see why he had made his sister sit down. He is so full of love, loves her so much and from the bottom of his heart he is wishing she can be happy again. Hello mister, you are beautiful 😊

This was only one of the many connections at the liberation festival in Zwolle. It’s impossible to write them all down. Many connections are truly beautiful, but it is hard to write down in words what makes that connection so unique, whereas each one certainly is. Feelings have so many more nuances of intense, loving, pleasant, good and beautiful than my vocabulary. Whereas that would be the description of most of the connections. So hereby a couple which can be expressed differently with words.

That beautiful young man on whom many girls from his school will most likely have a crush. Of course his looks will play a role, but at an unconscious level they will be attracted by his really wonderful energy.

The enthusiastic group youngsters who had a lot of fun untangling from the human knot in which they were connected. For the festival I had brought some additional connectivity activities.

The older lady whose opinion was that I will no longer approach the world with fait and love once I reach her age. After all, she had seen so much misery.

The little boy that could not get enough of drawing his hand for the Wall of connection and would have loved to spend the whole afternoon drawing, while his big sister was creating the most colourful hand with dedication and joy.

The young woman with whom I shared an intense loving moment, such an amazing connection that we both became emotional. It was so intense I forgot to ask whether I could take a picture of her eye. It would have been a beautiful picture, the contradiction between the loving, soft expression and the hard black eyeliner above.

A bright boy with a focused and open look sat down, after which his sister and brother wanted to connect too. It was special to experience how all three of them shared the same loving base and at the same time were so different too.

And then the stage. What was I standing high and tiny before a huge crowd. When I usually sit down at Utrecht Central station with my sign to connect, there are of course many people as well. But this time, with that whole audience in front of me, I felt really bare and vulnerable. Luckily a good friend had told me I had to envision that the whole crowd was naked. That helped and I could smile again.

It was so wonderful, to be allowed to tell about connection. And it was even more wonderful to do it as well at that enormous stage; connecting with the presenter, while many people at the field were doing the same. Because true freedom cannot be reached by more rules for our safety, it can only be obtained by faith and for that we need to feel connected.

I am truly thankful for this intense and beautiful day. Thank you so much for this experience.

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