Yesterday, May 11th, was a day full of connections and sparkling people, as you can see at the pictures. There were also moments with no visible connection, as the evacuation alarm sounded at Utrecht Central station. It turned out to be false alarm. Of course that was not immediately obvious and it was interesting to observe what happened.

In the Netherlands we are quite sober in expressing ourselves, especially when it comes down to connecting. Which is a shame, but at other moments that soberness is quite useful too. For example, when such an alarm sounds. Pretty much everyone responds in a relaxed manner; people look up, listen, don’t see any big havoc and walk calmly towards the exit, train or still go and get some French fries first, after all you can’t live on an empty stomach.

Chaos and panic are no match for our soberness. So at the right moments that soberness can be really valuable. And that soberness is causing more connection than we even realize ourselves. We might not always show on the outside that we love to be connected; deep down inside we are still connected with each other.

How do I know? Even with such a huge evacuation alarm we don’t start panicking and we don’t suddenly distrust our neighbor. Our soberness causes that we still have faith it will all turn out all right. And having such faith is only possible if we still have faith in the people around us. Faith that they are not that bad after all and that together, we will get there.

Thank you soberness for your invisible connection and faith.
Thank you beautiful people for your visible faith and connection.

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