Work and connection

I was staring at my son, full of surprise. When I asked him the question “What would you like to do today?” his response was “Getting connected”. Followed by his explanation; going to Amsterdam and ask people for hands for the Wall of connection. Later that day he added “Because you haven’t done it for a long time and otherwise you might not do it again.” Logic from a five year old is something I cannot beat.

Besides, he was right. Since I started my new job, getting connected is a completely different world. I hardly have time for Two minute connection or Wall of connection. Both initiatives are ways to get connected for a short moment without any conditions. Now most of my connections are at work. Even though I really enjoy it, most of the connections are not without conditions, they’re an absolute need in order to do the job.

When connecting is truly without obligations, I don’t have the feeling I must do something. I just know the connection will be there; every time will be different, unique in its own kind of way. I don’t have a target, no expectations of what will or must happen. Which makes I can let go, have faith and marvel at what is there.

Which makes work more challenging. Of course I want to make it happen at my new job. After all, I must ensure I will be successful at what I do and have a picture of how I must work together to achieve it. Indeed, I’m telling myself I must do a lot… And for the last two weeks I was so annoyed and frustrated that a certain connection just didn’t work.

Until today. On Dam square I realized that connection cannot be controlled. Once my mind is free, I will be able to make that connection work. Letting go of what I’m telling myself I must achieve and have faith. As a good friend send me earlier this week “Trust that when the answer is no, there’s a better yes down the road.”

As long as I am focused on how the connection should work according to my mind, I will not see the beautiful paths that could make it happen. That’s why I will go on a journey; I will leave my head and go down the road. Thanks to my son, I made the first steps today.

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