Vote for Two minute connection

Vote for Two minute connection to go to Lowlands to create even more connections. Vote on on the picture of Twee minuten verbinding.
Besides, you can also join team Two minute connection; post a response or tag someone who wants to join.

This is what team Twee minuten verbinding (which is Dutch for Two minute connection) will do at Lowlands:
We will get connected even before the festival starts and will continue to do so throughout the festival by all kinds of activities to get connected with other visitors. The human knot, two minutes of eye contact, a wall of connection, etc.

Besides, the connection really gets exciting because we do not know each other yet. We will become the most creative connected and new group of friends with 5 people who will vote for the picture of Two minute connection and post a response on the fb page of Two minute connection so we can start on August 11 to celebrate our new friendship and to create our big plan for connection at Lowlands with even more fun and creativity. Known and unknown people can respond, lots will be drawn to get the team that will join the 3fm competition.

These are the rules from 3fm:
1. Between August 12 and 17 you will have to pick up your phone by saying ‘Hallo, mag ik met 3FM mee naar Lowlands?’ which means “Hello, can I join 3fm to Lowlands?”
2. Too much of a silence, “hello”, anything else or even an adjusted voicemail will not be allowed
3. Only if you and the other four friends do it right, you as a group will win the 5 tickets for Lowlands

Besides, you will sleep with your new friends of team Two minute connection in one spaceous tent and will get connected with other festival visitors in fun, special, creative and beautiful ways.

Do you love a good festival, new friends, good company, getting connected and lots of fun? Or do you know someone who does? Post a response or tag someone.

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