Veils before love

When a relationship breaks up, we feel hurt and even a hell lot of pain. We feel the other person has broken our heart. One day we believed the other person filled our heart with love. Since he or she is gone, we are no longer capable of feeling that love. Therefore we assume that love has gone with the departure of that person. Whereas love is still there, right there within our heart where we feel a huge gap. But love cannot be gone, there’s just a veil preventing us from seeing it.

Your heart is full of love. A great thought, but if it would be true, why don’t you feel it every single minute, 24/7? As a start you can assume there are three categories of love in your heart:

  • Love you can feel and see; those doors are open and a bright golden light shines through
  • Doors to your heart that are closed, often you are not even aware of those dimensions of love yet
  • Doors that are open, where you once saw the bright golden light of love, but now you look at it and see a gap as you cannot reach the love you once felt and that hurts

When you utterly and totally fall in love with someone, your heart opens. And that’s literally what it does. There was a piece of love in your heart you were not aware of before (2nd category of love). By meeting the other person, a little door in your heart opens which makes you can feel that amazing and overwhelming love shine through. Even the people around you will see you are beaming with love.

Exactly, you have found a way to that amazing love within you. It is not the other person filling your heart with love. Your heart is already full of love. The other person is just a trigger that allows you to let the love in your heart shine through; through that door that has just opened.

During the relationship your (un)consciousness makes many attachments (the other person, memories) to that love. Then the day comes the relationship is over. That love (the person) or what that love can achieve (the loving memories) are no longer in your possession. Which makes your (un)consciousness believe that specific piece of love can no longer be reached. The conviction that you need those attachments in order to reach your love is the veil between you and your love.

You look at that door to your heart and all you can see and feel is a big gap , the 3rd category of love. All the attachments that allowed your (un)consciousness to reach that love, are gone. Which is true. But remember; your (un)consciousness is trying to understand your heart from the outside. And from the outside you will have to find a new way to connect to that love as the old path is no longer there.

There are two new paths that can lead you to your love again; an external and an internal path. Both paths are good paths, as they help to reach your heart. A new external path can be found through something or someone else that reminds you of love. It could be a pet, your friends or family that support you or even a new lover. The internal path requires a different route.

Start recognising it was you who opened that door for your heart. Recognise the love you felt shining through during the relationship was yours. Your internal path is taking shape once your (un)conciousness starts recognizing how amazing your own love is. “Remember that wonderful Valentine’s day? Look at me. It was me, my own heart allowing me to be happy and beaming with loving.”

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