130 days

I love the intimacy of those moments, just two minutes where I feel really connected with someone. Sharing a private bubble in the middle of Dam square in Amsterdam with someone I had not met before. Without any obligations, just the moment to enjoy.

When I downloaded the few pictures I took today, I realized I had one forgotten picture from New Years Eve. The first of many eyes I looked into that night at a Nataraj party, where wonderful connections were the closure of 2017 and an amazing start of 2018.

Still it took me 130 days to pick up my sign again and enjoy new Two minute connections. What has been keeping me so long? Definitely my job as a consultant, spending lots of time with my son, volunteering, moving houses.. But still, that does not add up to the answer why I had not found time to do something I love doing so much.

Even though I was a bit nervous to sit with my sign again after all that time, I enjoyed it so much: the soul connection with the Dutch lady who realised our age difference did not matter; the beautiful Danish man who shared a personal story about his parents; the curiousity of the American young man. Just to name a few.

Thank you to everyone I met today, also to the people with whom I was “just” exchanging a smile. And a special thanks to the open hearted people with whom I intensely connected and was allowed to see what a wonderful person they are.

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