My initiatives for more connection:

There are a thousand ways to get connected. I love to consciously create moments for connection and thereby invite others to get connected. It can be so easy. Have a look below at my initiatives, get inspired and enjoy.



Two minutes of eye contact
“May I look into your eyes? for a Two minute connection” is written on the sign which I frequently have with me at Utrecht Central station or events. Being really focused for two minutes, for a moment nothing else matters. Continue reading..


Kies voor verbinding (Choose to connect)
One oversight with all events and initiatives that contribute to more connection in the Netherlands. Which makes it easy for you to see if there’s anything you would like to join. Besides the calendar there’s an overview of organisations. Currently in Dutch only. Continue reading..


Wall of connection
Let’s build a wall that goes beyond all other walls. It does not matter how far we’re apart, we are all connected. Help to build the biggest wall in the world and share a picture or drawing of your hand. Continue reading..


Workshop Connection
Workshops around the theme connection. For companies, at events and festivals, at societies, etc. The content of the workshops depends on the target audience and the purpose. Continue reading..