My insights on connection


zijaanzichtWhat is connection, what does it do, different philosophies and how I feel they apply to the connections I have.. Below you will find an overview of my blog posts that cover this topic:

“I am great” – during connections I sometimes wish  that the other person could see him/herself through my eyes to see what a beautiful person is sitting opposite me.

A new start – To me Two minute connection is the most loving thing I can do; for Two minutes I can and am allowed to love the person opposite me. To open my heart for everyone.

How to connect and disconnect – we like conversations with strangers, but how to start and to end it? We often find it so difficult, that we avoid it. While it can be so easy.

For my son – why I believe connection will help to create a better world

Human dignity – respecting our own and other people’s values

Lost – how connection is often found in crisis situations, whereas many people feel it is lost in the Netherlands

Children – what we can learn from children when it comes down to connecting

Mirror – they say your eyes are the mirror of your soul and this is my reflection on this philosophy

Fear – how connection can help us overcome fear and prejudgements