Let’s build the Wall of Connection

Have a look at the Wall of connection.


How do we make a Wall of Connection?

Online, on the wall in my room and any other wall that you are allowed to use. The good thing of the world wide web is that this wall goes further; despite the walls of our houses and no matter how far we’re apart, we can still see that we are all connected.

As you can choose every day again to connect, you can help to build (share your hand) as often as you like.

Build online?

Mail a picture or drawing of your hand to: twominuteconnection@gmail.com and I will post it on this website and instagram. Mentioning your name and date on the picture would be nice.

Will you help to build my wall?

Send a drawing, picture, painting, etc of your hand on an A4 to below address. I will stick it on my wall and post a picture of it online.
Twee minuten verbinding
Molenweg 9
3708 SB Zeist
The Netherlands

Build your own Wall of connection?

Go for it! At home, school, work, sport, anywhere! It is always good to see with whom you are connected. It would be nice if you could share a picture of the whole wall or of each hand and email it to twominuteconnection@gmail.com so your wall can be embedded as part of the larger Wall of connection.